2018 Equine West Nile Virus (WNV) Update:  Eleventh Confirmed Equine WNV Case

On November 2, 2018, a 1 year old Grade mare in Sacramento county with unknown vaccination history, displaying neurologic signs was confirmed positive for West Nile Virus. The mare was euthanized due to severity of clinical signs.

For 2018, a total of eleven (11) horses have been confirmed positive for West Nile Virus. The positive horses were located in Amador, Kern, Merced (2), Placer, Sacramento (3), San Joaquin, Shasta and Stanislaus counties. Five (5) horses were unvaccinated, three (3) horses had an unknown vaccine history, and three (3) horses were vaccinated. Six (6) horses died or were euthanized and five (5) horses are alive.

CDFA continually monitors and investigates equine neurologic cases for the presence of WNV in California. CDFA urges horse owners to consult their veterinarian concerning a WNV vaccination program to ensure maximum protection of their horses.