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Inedible Kitchen Grease Theft

The theft of used cooking oil (Inedible Kitchen Grease or IKG) from restaurants is on the rise in California! It has become a major crime in our cities and counties.

Much like copper, IKG has a commodity value. A full load in a truck like this could bring as much as $600.00 at a grease recycling center.

Legitimate companies and restaurants are losing millions of dollars due to theft and container damage by IKG thieves. They break into the storage containers at the rear of restaurants, often at night, and pump out the contents.

What to look for:

  • Pumper trucks, similar to the one in the picture to the right, often with no markings on the side. Trucks are required by CA law to have a company name and IKG sticker issued by the State of CA affixed to the truck.

  • Trucks cruising alleys behind businesses late at night.

  • Trucks pumping from containers belonging to other companies. The containers behind the businesses are labeled with the name of the company that services them. The container ID and company name on the truck should match.

Please Report any Inedible Kitchen Grease theft. Information you provide is confidential. Help us "Hit Grease Theft".

If you have an IKG theft to report, you may do so now by clicking the Report Theft link at the top of this page, or by clicking this link: Report Grease Theft.

You can also contact us to report theft by email at

  • Illegal Grease Truck

    This truck is pumping grease illegally.

  • IKG Decal

    Look for this decal. If it is not present, then the truck is illegally pumping grease!